Mr. Johnson LIU - Board Member

Associate Vice President
United Microelectronics Corporation Singapore
Mr. Johnson Liu is the Associate Vice President of United Microelectronics Corporation, a leading global semiconductor foundry that provides advanced technology and manufacturing for applications spanning to every major sectors of the IC industry. Serving as a representative of the Singapore Branch.
Mr. Liu joined UMC in 1991 and started craving his career from a 6” Fab and had since witness the evolution and growth of the semiconductor industry.
In 2003, Mr. Liu was chosen to join the pioneer startup team for the important mission of setting up Fab12i in Singapore, which is UMC’s 2nd 12” fab.
With years of experiences in senior management level, Mr. Liu was appointed as a Fab Division Director in 2012, oversee the Fab12i operation and serving as a representative for the UMC Singapore Branch.
In 2014, Mr. Liu was appointed as an Associate Vice President of the corporation, continue to lead the team of UMC_SG to gain significant recognition from customers and semiconductor industry.
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