Mr. YONG Lam Wai - Board Member

Amkor Technology Malaysia
Graduated in Bachelor of Electronics Engineering with Honours from University of Sheffield in UK.
36 years in Semiconductor & Optics industry in various Companies and positions including Hitachi, Motorola, ST, NSC, Amkor Technology, Finisar & Carsem with experienced in wafer fabrication, assembly & test.
Have been involved in the setting up of several Greenfield sites in Malaysia, Taiwan & the Philippines for Semiconductor Assembly and Wafer fab as well as Fiber Optics Industry.
Positions held includes Facilities, Process Engineering, QA (VP), Operations (GM) and R&D in both Fiber Optics & Semicon (VP & CTO).
A member of the Advisory Panel for Electrical & Electronic Engineering in University Technology Petronas.
He was the CTO in Carsem. Responsible for Technology Roadmap, Company Long Term Strategies including involvemnt in Merger & Acquisitions as well as Process & Development
engineering Teams in all Carsem Sites. Holder of several Patents in Packaging.
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